The very first steps to tackle phishing attacks

The very first steps to tackle phishing attacks
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The very first steps to tackle phishing attacks

What is a phishing attack?

Phishing is the most common method used for stealing information and confidential data. It involves several methods by tricking different users by making them click on malicious links or attachments. In this way, they can hack your email address, bank account, confidential data, bombarded your screen with ads, and lock your PC with ransomware. Despite knowing all this, you can’t fight back with them if you become a victim of it.

To save yourself, here are some of the steps that you should follow.

  1. Streamline workflows: Your workflow should be streamlined and not take more than one hour to detect phishing in your system. All your databases should be updated with the latest security.
  2. Apply in check and active phishing detectors: Place a phishing URL and detection gap to ensure zero-second detection
  3. Conduct training and information sessions: implement such programs and policies that train employees to be more informed about the latest practices, threats, and ways to identify any sort of phishing scams.
  4. Avoid opening suspicious links: If you receive any sort of link or mail from any unauthorized person or contact, avoid clicking on that link instead of replying.
  5. Be alert and recognize revelatory signals: This goes without saying to be alert and avoid clicking on any suspicious link or opening attachments with suspicious emails.

When you talk about phishing protection and detection, you are seriously chasing something fast. If you are not able to put the maximum effort to detect phishing and protect your services. Cybersecurity awareness month is surely something that you should look to improve your security. Drafting a policy that stops certain sites to get hacked and drastically reduces business chances to compromise their business security. Educating employees on this matter is also very important to get over the phishing

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