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Cabling and Wiring Services

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In the age of breakneck competition, businesses need to be in constant communication with someone. Without a well-planned and executed computing infrastructure, you can never achieve the competitive edge your business needs to succeed. Though many businesses opt to go wireless today, structured cabling and wiring systems are still crucial for IT infrastructure.

Our Services

Dealing with cabling and wiring in the wireless age can be a difficult task. OmniPush provides reliable cabling and wiring services that your business can rely on.

Our cabling services include:

  • Network Mapping
  • Setup
  • Management

We install the following cables

Cat5e – Category 5 Enhanced Structured Cabling
Cat6, Cat6a (Augmented) – Category 6 Structured Cabling
Cat7, Cat7a (Augmented) – Category 7 Structured Cabling
Fiber Optic Data Cabling

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    IT Security Assessment

    Quality-Based Structured Wiring and More

    Choosing reliable data cables for the IT setup of your company is a tedious task. You do not want to cut corners or compromise on the quality of your network’s wiring. This is why OmniPush is here to help you set up excellent and sophisticated cabling and wiring infrastructure to support your business.

    The best part is that our services are perfectly affordable! Our full range includes:

    • NY Network cabling: System design and configuration
    • Server Rack Cabling: Professionally organized cabling
    • Cable and Wiring Repair: Diagnosis and Repair of problems
    • Structured, data & communications Cabling: For backbone connections, installation and design, and Landline telephony

    Building reliable IT infrastructures

    With the constant advances in telecommunication technology, it is important to have a winning strategy and a roadmap beforehand. Our engineers discuss with your team and come up with a strategy to maximize the functionality of your IT department through cabling and wiring that you can count on. For forward-adaptability OmniPush also pledges to periodically evaluate your business goals and adjust the services accordingly.

    We are one of the best NYC cabling and wiring services. So, give us a call today for an on-site evaluation and build an unbeatable IT infrastructure.

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