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For Accounting And CPA Firms

Business Continuity plan for Accounting And CPA Firms

IT Support Accounting and CPA firms can rely on

From preparing tax forms to handling tax returns and managing various financial details, the role of an accountant is both demanding and multifaceted, with little room for error. Utilizing appropriate technology is essential for Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) to maintain a competitive edge.

Many accounting and CPA firms we speak with often lack the time and patience to navigate technology integration, prevent technology disruptions, and avoid costly IT errors. They are keen on preventing unnecessary expenditures on unnecessary technology investments.

A robust and state-of-the-art technology infrastructure can enhance the day-to-day operations of accounting and CPA firms, significantly boosting efficiency. Emerging technologies are rapidly transforming the accounting industry, and you require knowledgeable technical support to seamlessly incorporate these revolutionary advancements into your firm.

At Onetech360, our goal is to provide an IT foundation that can enhance the efficiency and productivity of your accounting and CPA operations. We ensure that you stay current with technological developments, allowing you to concentrate on your core business activities and gain a competitive advantage for your accounting firm

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What’s included in our IT Support
for Accounting and CPA firms

IT Support For Accounting And CPA Firms

Dedicated IT support for accounting and CPA firms

We recognize today’s technical demands and problems facing the accounting/financial industry and are here to assist you and your organization to succeed. Onetech360 is here to support the organization with any IT-related accounting issues.

Count on Onetech360 to keep your finance and accounting business compliant
For a company and its clients, a single breach may have significant consequences, no matter how unintended. It is more critical now than ever to ensure that an efficient IT accounting solution is in place for your company.

Onetech360 acknowledges the heightened attention these government legislations entail and has years of experience helping its financial and accounting customers identify and enforce the best practices for reporting and securing confidential consumer data in the sector. We already provide hundreds of accounting companies with financial IT support and will guarantee you that data protection can become an integral part of your company easily. Our IT support programs in finance and accounting help companies plan for the unexpected.

Dedicated & Reliable IT support
for Accounting and CPA firms

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Accounting And CPA Firms

Information Safeguard Rules for accounting and CPA firms

The FTC lays down a robust framework to protect consumers’ Non-Public Personal Information (NPI). This federal mandate necessitates financial institutions, including CPA firms, to institute comprehensive measures safeguarding their client’s data. The cornerstone of these measures is a meticulously crafted Written Information Security Plan (WISP), akin to those mandated by several states. Apart from safeguarding NPI, the FTC also mandates financial institutions to be transparent about their data handling practices. Providing an opt-out choice for clients if their NPI is shared with third parties is a statutory requirement.

Failure to adhere to the FTC regulations may result in serious legal and financial consequences. The legislation specifies substantial fines and even criminal charges, highlighting the necessity of compliance with the FTC directives. Onetech360 can assist in fulfilling the mandated prerequisites and establishing continuous cybersecurity protocols based on industry standards.

Arrange an FTC safeguards consultation with us; we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on keeping your firm current with regulations and compliance while also outlining the essential steps to lessen your risk of a cyberattack.

Why choose Onetech360 to provide IT Support for your Accounting and CPA firms?

Business Continuity plan for accounting and financial firms

What would you do if a broken water pipe were to destroy your office computers? Or whether an ex-employee has maliciously removed an entire customer account? Plenty of scenarios can affect business, but getting a strong strategy in place to deal with unforeseen technical disasters can ensure that the disturbance is only temporary.

Onetech360 helps accounting and finance companies build crisis management and business continuity strategies through specialist IT advisory services. Our solutions consider each region’s specific expectations and obligations within the organization. To find areas of both strength and vulnerability, we will conduct an IT audit of the existing IT systems and processes. Your clients count on you, and you can count on us to help keep the IT accounting program running seamlessly, regardless of the situation, all the time.

  • Reliable data backup services with industry standards and compliance measures
  • High-end security services to protect sensitive financial information
  • Fast and efficient network for optimized services to clients
  • Stay in touch with the most cutting-edge technology, such as clouds, automation, and much more!
  • Crisis management, data recovery, and business continuity planning to minimize loss.

Onetech360 is an NYC-based IT company providing technology solutions to accounting firms all over the tri-state area. If your accounting firm is in need of a technological overhaul, call us now to learn more about our services.

Compliance and Regulations

FTC safeguards rule compliance for CPA and Accounting Firms, are you ready?

The FTC (Financial Trade Commission) mandates new technologies and security controls for CPAs and Accounting firms. These measures aim to safeguard the security, confidentiality, and integrity of customer information held by financial institutions, including accounting firms, tax professionals, enrolled agents, and wealth management advisors.

FTC safeguards rules: is your CPA firm compliant?

As a cybersecurity Firm, Onetech360 understands the importance of staying up to date with the latest regulations and standards that affect businesses, especially in the realm of data protection.

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