Penetration Testing Services

Gain practical insight into how attackers might exploit your vulnerabilities, along with guidance on thwarting their efforts, through our pen testing services.

The most effective defense against advanced security attacks is to go on the offensive by testing your own defenses and strengthening any weaknesses you uncover.

Every day, another expensive ransomware attack makes headlines, with countless others going unreported. Understanding your vulnerabilities and how attackers might exploit them is crucial for enhancing your security program. With this in mind, Onetech360’s Penetration Testing Services team will conduct a realistic simulation of an attack on your networks, applications, devices, and/or personnel. This process aims to assess the security posture of your critical systems and infrastructure and provide actionable insights on bolstering them.

What is Pen testing? What is Penetration testing?

Penetration testing, commonly known as pen testing, is a security exercise conducted by a cyber-security expert to uncover and exploit vulnerabilities in a computer system. This simulated attack aims to reveal any weaknesses in the system’s defenses that attackers could potentially exploit.

Pen tests are typically performed by individuals with limited prior knowledge of the system’s security configuration, as they may uncover misconfiguration or items that your admins overlooked. By pinpointing these weaknesses, proactive measures can be taken to eliminate them from the system before malicious actors exploit them for unauthorized access, data theft, or other nefarious activities.

Our Pen testing involves more than just infiltrating a system. It has various phases, including:

  • Planning: Collaborative session to define test scope and collect system information.
  • Scanning: System scan for vulnerabilities, including application code inspection and network port identification.
  • Penetration: Exploitation of identified vulnerabilities to gain access, with subsequent assessment of potential damage.
  • Reporting: Compilation of findings, including exploited vulnerabilities, accessed data, and duration of undetected access.
  • Clean up and retest: Removal of access traces and retesting to ensure vulnerability mitigation.

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Automated Penetration Testing Services

Our Penetration Testing Services encompass a variety of activities, combining manual and automated approaches. For instance, when attempting to guess passwords, a human tester might personalize guesses based on individuals’ characteristics within the company, such as birthdays or pet names found online. They may also manipulate company-related information in hopes of uncovering sensitive data. However, tasks like identifying known software vulnerabilities—such as servers lacking security patches, common passwords, or inadvertent exposure to the internet—are ideally automated. Tools used for this purpose are often called automated pen-testing tools, online penetration-testing tools, or, more commonly, vulnerability scanners.

Traditionally, penetration tests were conducted annually or biannually. However, with the rise in automated attacks, businesses can no longer rely solely on periodic assessments. Consequently, a growing demand for automated penetration testing tools, also known as vulnerability scanners. Intruder is an example of such a tool, providing year-round protection against opportunistic attackers.

Automated Penetration Testing
Cloud Penetration Test

Cloud Penetration Testing Services

Our cloud Penetration Testing Services empower organizations to bolster their cloud environments’ security, prevent avoidable system breaches, and remain compliant with their industry’s regulations. It does this by helping to identify vulnerabilities, risks, and gaps in a security program. The actionable remediation advice it provides allows security teams to prioritize activities and attend to security issues in alignment with their greatest business risks.

Identifying security program vulnerabilities, risks, and security gaps offers actionable remediation guidance. This allows security teams to prioritize tasks and address security concerns in line with their most significant business risks.

Cloud penetration testing services will do the following:
Enhances an organization’s understanding of business risk.
Identifies vulnerabilities within the cloud environment.
Illustrates the potential consequences of exploited vulnerabilities.
Offers clear advice on remediation to address vulnerabilities and reduce associated risks.

Stay Safe, Stay Protected – Compliance Requirements are not the only reasons to have a cybersecurity plan

Often, companies begin to prioritize strengthening their security only when they must meet industry standards, leaving them playing catch-up with hackers. However, cybersecurity should be a top priority for any business. Adopting a cybersecurity-first mindset puts you ahead of malicious actors.

Unlocking Effective Risk Management: Why Prioritizing Compliance Controls Isn’t Aligned with Risk Relevance

Ensuring compliance with an industry’s recognized information security framework delivers significant value to any organization. One of the primary advantages of a control compliance approach is the heightened awareness and comprehension it provides regarding minor control deficiencies within the technology infrastructure. As evidenced by numerous successful breaches in various industries, it’s often an unaddressed system vulnerability or a minor configuration mistake that allows hackers to infiltrate. Therefore, a thorough understanding of existing control deficiencies can enhance the likelihood of identifying a small, exploitable weakness that could result in a backdoor attack.

Asking, “Is that sufficient?” prompts recognizing that more actions may be necessary. Employing a Cost/Benefit/Risk analysis framework is essential for effectively structuring these discussions and demonstrating due diligence and care, so employing regular Pen Testing Services is important.

  • Identify Risk Scenarios: Outline the specific risks involved for each potential risk scenario.
  • Additional Controls: Identify additional controls that could mitigate the risks presented within each scenario.
  • Cost/Benefit Analysis: Evaluate whether the cost of implementing additional controls effectively offsets the potential risk. Consider the financial investment required versus the potential loss or damage incurred if the risk materializes.

Decision-Making: Based on the cost/benefit analysis, determine the most appropriate course of action for each scenario:

  • Avoid: Determine if there are options to avoid the risk altogether, such as ceasing certain activities or investments.
  • Accept: Assess whether the organization is willing to accept the risk based on its likelihood and potential impact, considering factors such as financial resources and strategic objectives.
  • Mitigate: Identify measures to reduce the likelihood or impact of the risk, such as implementing additional controls or improving existing processes.

Learn more about Risk Assessment from this article: First Step to Compliance: A Thorough and Accurate Risk Assessment.

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