24/7 Monitoring

24/7 server and Network Monitoring

We provide comprehensive cybersecurity services to protect your most valued data network.

Small IT issues can lead to huge stress. Technical failures are quite common and your employees need an effective support mechanism to keep them focused and performing their best. Remote support is a quick and easy solution to the IT support needs faced by your employees on a daily basis.

Quick response times can have a profound effect on your employees’ morale which in turn affects the growth of your business. If you have big dreams of maintaining a stress-free and dedicated IT workforce, remote support can help make it a reality.

Flexible remote IT support

Onetech360 provides remote support services that exceed expectations. Our remote support system allows our highly qualified technical team to take control of your problem from anywhere in the world and fix the issue immediately. Combining quick response times, best communication and round the clock availability, our flexible remote support solutions can help your employees reach their full potential.

Network Monitoring

Our services include the provision of remote server monitoring. This tool allows us to easily check and analyze server availability from anywhere in the world. The proficiency of this tool enables us to be proactive rather than reactive resulting in fixing the bug ahead of time.

Your businesses can also take advantage of our analysis programs that include:

  • Antivirus and software update
  • Repairing
  • Backup checks
  • Usage reporting
  • Event log diagnosis

Our Remote IT Support Service includes:

24/7 support, at a lower cost
Proactive server monitoring and management
Flexible IT services
System failure notification
24/7 support, at a lower cost
Proactive server monitoring and management
Flexible IT services
System failure notification

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IT Security Assessment

Why Choose Remote IT Support from Onetech360?

Monitoring Services – 24 Hours a Day,
7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year and More!

  • Detection of issues as soon as they occur
  • Restarting services right after a shutdown to prevent any downtime
  • Close monitoring and keeping track of all working devices and business applications
  • Development of IT budgets and plan purchasing decisions
  • Proactive Alerting and reporting

OmniPush’s IT support & monitor program is affordable, fast, and highly professional. Our 24/7 network monitoring system never sleeps because we believe your business deserves the best.

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