Unified Communication

Unified Communications

Unified Communications allows collaboration from your employees from anywhere, any device.

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    What is unified communication?

    People work together in different ways. And they use a lot of collaboration tools: IP telephony for voice calls, web, and video conferencing, voice mail, mobility, desktop sharing, instant messaging and presence, and more.

    Unified communications (UC) solutions deliver integration of these tools, with seamless user experiences that help people work together more effectively. Anywhere, on any device. They bring real-time communication from your phone system and conferencing solutions together with messaging and chat and integrate with everyday business applications using APIs.

    UC solutions are available as on-premises software, partner-hosted solutions, or as a service (UCaaS) from cloud providers.

    with Unified Communication your team can Chat, Make Calls, Plan & Join Meetings, and share the computer screen

    Unified Communication

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    Benefits Of Unified Communications And Collaboration

    Reduce time wasted
    Unified communications and collaboration enables real-time presence across your organization, giving employees instant insight into their coworkers’ availability to connect via voice, IM or video. This at-a-glance information, which can be automatically retrieved from employees’ existing calendars, can reduce communications latency by making it easier to find the right person and get an answer to a business question.
    Connect geographically dispersed employees
    The reality is, today’s business is global. In order to truly leverage top talent across the globe, businesses can use unified communications and collaboration to make it easier for employees in multiple locations to work on projects. To bridge the geographical distance, unified communications and collaboration’s teamwork components are key to enabling real-time collaboration even when in-person interactions are not feasible or ideal.
    Provide freedom of choice for maximum ROI
    Adopting a complete unified communications and collaboration strategy lets your employees communicate the way they prefer by eliminating the need use a specific device or be in a set location. It’s becoming nearly impossible for businesses to operate without a solid BYOD policy, and the dangers of Shadow IT should be enough motivation for any organization to ensure it’s taking a proactive approach. A mobile-first, any-device strategy for business communications can greatly improve user adoption to maximize your productivity benefits.