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Are you tired of dealing with ongoing IT support issues in your Long Island business?

Onetech360’s team has provided IT services to hundreds of companies in various industries in New York. If you’re a small business, we know how important it is to have fast and friendly IT support in Long Island. If your technology isn’t running smoothly, that can spell disaster for your company. Do you have a computer problem preventing you from getting work done? Has your printer gotten stuck during a critical deadline? Do you need to replace an old laptop so it can keep working?

Onetech360 has been providing professional IT Support for businesses in Long Island and the Tri-State area for decades. We strive to give our clients “enterprise-level” services and solutions at prices that work for small and mid-sized businesses. Time and experience have helped us develop best practices and workflow procedures around a proactive philosophy designed to keep your focus on your business, not your technology.

Our team of experts are your outsourced IT department; responding to issues quickly, often before you even know about them. Covering everything from your servers and network infrastructure to your computers, workstations, and mobile devices, we provide end-to-end solutions for all of your technology needs.

Why work with Onetech360 for IT Support Long Island services?

  • Most of our clients experienced a 50% reduction in IT cost once we implemented our Zero Trust Security policy and standardized their entire IT infrastructure.
  • We are local, remotely available, and can come to you.
  • We resolve most IT issues within the first call.
  • Flat-rate, no surprises.
  • No project fees.
  • Backup, Backup, Backup – Your data is safe in the cloud. In an emergency, we can have you back online within an hour.
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Onetech360 provides IT Support That Long Island Businesses rely on.

The days of your employees trying to be “the IT guy” and fix computer issues are over. Your employees should focus on helping you grow your business by doing the work you hired them to do. As a Long Island IT support company, we provide professional IT services and support to small and mid-sized businesses. We take care of all the IT issues; in fact, we welcome the challenge. As your technology partner, our goal is to help cut IT cost, work hard at eliminating annoying IT issues, and improve your company’s productivity.

Onetech360’s IT Support team has provided IT services to hundreds of companies in various industries in New York.

We take care of IT so you don’t have to!

That’s why you need a trusted partner like Onetech360’s Long Island IT Support team to maintain and manage your information technology.

Best of all, we’re a local company with an extensive reach. We combine personalized local service with the technical resources of a national firm, meaning we can offer enterprise-class solutions at prices that small and medium-sized businesses can afford.

Reasons to work with Onetech360 as your Long Island IT Support Provider?

Pro-Active Approach
Regular maintenance has to be done to keep your network working at all times.
Cost savings over in-house IT
It is not a surprise to know hiring IT personnel is a massive expense to any company. Depends on your network, you may have to hire more than one IT person. Managed IT service allows you to cut that cost and offers a lot more.
Lack of internal IT
Not all companies have in-house IT staff; in fact, some companies don’t want to hire an IT staff, which why they turn to Onetech360 as their IT department.
Handle remote office IT
Let us handle your remote office employees. for the last ten years, we have worked remotely with many clients and know the type of security to put in place to prevent security issues.
Expert-level Resource
Managed IT service providers bring a wealth of knowledge and experience as part of the service. They can support various software and different technology types, from working on software like Quickbooks and Sage, working on a database such as MySQL to handle the servers and network.
Boosts Productivity and increases Focus
Outsourcing your IT can create a stress-free environment for you and your employees to focus on what’s truly important, resulting in a boost in productivity and overall performance.
Better Security and Compliance
Managed IT providers are well-versed in the complexities of security risks and compliance standards and implement effective techniques to minimize risk.
Top-notch Support
With Long Island IT support small to medium-sized businesses can reach the level of large enterprises in terms of technology to grow faster than ever before.

Are you ready to experience technology differently?

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Let’s discuss your technology

Serving Long Island with Professional IT Support Solutions

Today, IT handles a major part of every business. To manage the IT functions of your business, you need efficient and expert IT support in Long Island. This need brings us to you. We are full-service IT solutions and Managed IT support provider in Long Island.

We have in-depth knowledge of the IT support space. Whether it’s managing your existing system, changing it, or implementing new solutions to your existing computer network, we have both the experience and expertise to handle the job. In addition to doing it professionally and efficiently, we do it cost-effectively.

Every business has different needs, so there’s no one-size-fits-all technology. Apart from providing IT support in Long Island, we help you choose the right IT solutions for your business that are not just reliable and secure but cost-effective too.

The Only IT Support Partner for Long Island Businesses

Every business has unique needs. Their IT support requirements are also dynamic, requiring them to find a reputed and expert IT support service provider in Long Island. Its ability to adapt to a business’s unique needs makes it a preferred choice among Long Island business owners searching for IT support services.

Onetech360 provides Proactive Long Island IT Support and Efficient Network Security with Incredible Customer Service

We provide full-time Long Island IT support to your business, enabling us to go above and beyond your expectations. Our customer service speaks for us as we never put you on hold and waste time fixing your issues. We strive for excellence and efficiency, resolving your issues within a quick period.

Hire Our Services Today!

If you have a business that relies on a computer network for its regular operations, then IT support is inevitable for your business. You need to build an in-house IT support team or hire us for 24/7 ongoing IT support in Long Island.

Your business needs are important and if your IT solutions drive your business, then let us manage and maintain them. We render efficient, safe, and reliable Long Island IT support to businesses of all kinds.

How we provide IT Support to Long Island Companies

When It Comes to Excellent IT Support, You’re in Good Company


  • On-site and Remote Support

  • Email and Communications

  • Work-from-Anywhere Mobility

  • Secure Wireless Networking

  • Data Backup and Restore

  • Network Security

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Server Management and Support

  • Robust Network Hardware

  • Scheduled Proactive Patching and Optimization

  • Asset Management and Monitoring

  • Documentation and Business Intelligence

  • IT Management and Security Policies

  • Strategic IT Consulting

Get in touch with us to find out how you can benefit from our IT support services and work with us. We are fully prepared to meet your needs.

Other New York City areas we cover are BrooklynManhattanQueensStaten IslandThe Bronx, and New Jersey. Providing quality and affordable IT support services in New York City is our guarantee and commitment to you. We believe and work towards complete customer satisfaction from start to finish. We are the gateway to providing relief from all your IT-related troubles.

Managed IT Services for Your Industry

IT Support for Long Island Law Firms

Onetech360 works with many law firms in the Long Island area, we’re here to help your team evolve and leverage technology to become more efficient and secure while reducing your IT overhead. Whether you need to simplify document management, strengthen your cybersecurity defenses to ensure client confidentiality and compliance, or implement a more robust case management software, Onetech360 will help your legal team leverage tech as a competitive advantage.

Accounting & Finance IT Support

Today’s financial and accounting firms are built around the customer – they trust you with their confidential data and count on you to keep it safe. To protect your customers’ information and retain their trust, you need financial IT solutions that are secure, accessible, efficient, and affordable. Partnering with Onetech360  can ensure your critical systems are always online, secure, and compliant. Credibility is everything in the financial industry; don’t let even one incident tarnish your brand and reputation. We’ll also help your business stay lean by outsourcing monotonous, time-consuming tasks to efficiency experts.

Doctor Office, Healthcare IT Support

Medical Offices and Healthcare organizations are a major target for cancerous cybercriminals who seek to profit by distributing ransomware and holding your patient data hostage. Between an increase in demand, a growing existential threat from ransomware, and HIPAA compliance – it’s a never-ending battle to protect your IT infrastructure and patient’s sensitive ePHI. Healthcare IT should protect and enhance your patient’s experience – not hinder it. Our Managed Healthcare IT Services enable your physicians, nurses, and administrative staff to focus on delivering better outcomes and delivering world-class patient experiences. When your practice runs better, your patients feel it.

IT Support for Non-Profit Organizations in Long Island

Non-profit firms rely on technology to connect donors, sponsors, and volunteers and raise awareness in their communities. Non-profit “back-office” functions such as financial reporting, sustainability planning, and performance measurements require reliable technology. Many non-profits have the exact IT requirements as their for-profit brethren, with additional drive provided by the expectations of their community. Onetech360 provides IT support to many non-profit organizations in the New York Area; work with a partner that understands your unique needs, challenges, and priorities.

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Working with Onetech360 is like having a family member who can fix everything. They know what you need, exactly when you need it.

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