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As a nonprofit, your work is valuable. Onetech360 is a reliable Nonprofit IT support provider ready to support your nonprofit’s mission.

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Drive Your Organization Mission Forward

You have an ambitious goal as a non-profit and need a proactive IT team to help you concentrate on what matters.

We know that every organization is unique and has its own distinctive blend of technological needs; with over 25 years of experience working with non-profits, we deliver industry-leading non-profit IT consulting, IT support, and IT management services at Onetech360. To fully understand your goals, we work with you and your organization, help you address your IT pain points, and start winning at IT. Please find out how our non-profit IT services can bring your organization closer to reaching its objective.

Managing The Right IT Strategy for Your Business

For any non-profit organization, effective budgeting is key. Our approach consultants are well-versed in the method and budget period of the project submission. Our IT programs for non-profits ensure that the best locations and platforms are paid for and distributed for every dollar. We collaborate with you to provide your main stakeholders with paperwork for presentation and assist you in deciding what technological discounts and grants you apply for to ensure that your non-profit company IT provides fits into its budget. An outstanding platform for evaluating the non-profit IT agency infrastructure is IT reviews.

Our IT advisory programs for non-profits will help the company carry out its goals. We are working with your company to find ways to optimize your existing IT system and to help you create a consistent plan for improving your IT environment and ensuring that your non-profit is always up and running.

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What’s included in our IT Support
for non-profit organizations

Non-Profit IT Services

Dedicated IT support services for non-profits

Being Competitive Towards The Business Goals

Finding a strategic partner in a dynamic non-profit landscape will make the company stand out. To boost the non-profit IT services, collaborate with One Tech 360

You get insight into how technology can help develop and strengthen your company and give you an advantage over the market by partnering with One Tech 360 as your non-profit IT services provider. We are here to promote your project and help grow your company, whether it’s designing an app, a custom online site for a donor campaign, or collaborative software to help your volunteers excel on the go. The support resources of our network will help your non-profit stay connected.

Protecting and Driving Your Data Toward Business Success

Our non-profit IT services will allow you to incorporate business intelligence (BI) into your company to introduce powerful solutions. Data is critical to run a good organization and will help you make the right decisions. We partner with you to create the correct approach for business intelligence so that you can figure out in real time what is and what is not working with your company.

The backbone of your company is your contact database of memberships and contributors, and that data needs to be safe. One Tech 360’s IT services for non-profits will help you safeguard all of the important documents if your non-profit IT provider wants to provide data security or clear IT enforcement criteria. We have over 23 years of experience defending from possible hackers and risks to the precious properties of non-profits and will collaborate with you to assess your current security position and how we can work together to strengthen it.

Dedicated & Reliable IT support
for non-profit organizations

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Effective and Affordable Non-Profit IT Support Services

What would you do if a broken water pipe were to destroy your office computers? Or whether an ex-employee has maliciously removed an entire customer account? Plenty of scenarios can affect business, but getting a strong strategy in place to deal with unforeseen technical disasters can ensure that the disturbance is only temporary.

Our team of experts will work tirelessly to keep company data secure. If you’re on the go, moving from one property visit to another, this is particularly important when you are using public wireless internet.  Our Zero Trust Security policy will keep your devices locked at all times and only allow authorized personnel access once they go through our authentication process. Our managed security service provider process is to analyze, secure, identify, and respond to attacks.

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      Schedule a call with our CTO -  As part of his job is to examine the short- and long-term needs of our clients and find the best solution that fits their needs. His goal is to help companies make the best decisions to reach their company objective and goals.

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