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    In today’s technology-driven world, desktop computers are used in almost every business. From finance to entertainment and retail, desktops play an important part in making businesses run smoothly. If your business relies on desktops, you must be well aware of the countless issues they can face on a daily basis. Desktop management seeks to manage desktops in an office environment so your business operations can run smoothly.

    Why you need desktop management

    Personal desktops require a host of different services that can be difficult to manage without the right expertise. From installing and updating software and functionality to the complete upkeep of desktops, desktop management services take care of it all. Here are some reasons you should consider desktop management for your business:

    • Make installation and set-up easy
    • Better performance with the ideal maintenance strategies
    • Effective and proactive security measures
    • Reduce the risk of breaches and security threats
    • 24/7 support for problem-solving
    • And much more!

    Desktop Management Services for an effective workplace

    A workplace is incomplete without desktops which are used to accomplish several business goals. At Onetech360 we provide businesses the opportunity to benefit from an efficient desktop management framework that can not only provide better protection but also increase productivity and growth.

    Here are some of the desktop management services provided by Onetech360:

    Determining hardware and software needs of a business

    We anticipate the real hardware and software needs of your business based on your unique requirements. Our technology solutions are in line with your business goals for the best results.

    Configuration and set up of all desktop PCs

    Setting up your desktop PCs can be challenging. We create a seamless process of setting up desktop PCs and installing the necessary software so your desktops are all set up and ready to use in no time.

    Protection from Virus/Spyware and Malware through adequate security measures

    Desktops are vulnerable to breaches and security threats. Our team of professionals are well-versed in the ins and outs of computer security and ensure that your desktops are protected by the latest anti-virus and anti-malware solutions.

    Resolving Hardware or software issues in person or remotely

    Desktops can fall victim to hardware and software issues on a daily basis. With our full-time support, we ensure that you can reach us to resolve desktop issues in person or remotely.

    24/7 monitoring solutions to secure your business against technical and security threats

     Apart from installation, setup, and updating your desktops, we also provide 24/7 monitoring to detect threats before they can cause actual harm to your business.

    Onetech360 is an NYC based company which provides desktop management solutions across New York and its surrounding areas. May it be a small home-based business or large corporate, desktop computers are a necessity on all levels of operation. Onetech369 ensures a tailor-made desktop management solution with the fastest turn-around times and the best results!

    Reasons to use a Managed IT service provider

    Pro-Active Approach
    Regular maintenance has to be done to keep your network working at all times.
    Cost savings over in-house IT
    It is not a surprise to know hiring IT personnel is a massive expense to any company. Depends on your network, you may have to hire more than one IT person. Managed IT service allows you to cut that cost and offers a lot more.
    Lack of internal IT
    Not all companies have in-house IT staff; in fact, some companies don’t want to hire an IT staff, which why they turn to Onetech360 as their IT department.
    Handle remote office IT
    Let us handle your remote office employees. for the last ten years, we have worked remotely with many clients and know the type of security to put in place to prevent security issues.
    Expert-level Resource
    Managed IT service providers bring a wealth of knowledge and experience as part of the service. They can support various software and different technology types, from working on software like Quickbooks and Sage, working on a database such as MySQL to handle the servers and network.
    Boosts Productivity and increases Focus
    Outsourcing your IT can create a stress-free environment for you and your employees to focus on what’s truly important, resulting in a boost in productivity and overall performance.
    Better Security and Compliance
    Managed IT providers are well-versed in the complexities of security risks and compliance standards and implement effective techniques to minimize risk.
    Top-notch Support
    With managed IT support small to medium-sized businesses can reach the level of large enterprises in terms of technology to grow faster than ever before.

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