Your Network Could Be Under Threat and You Might Not Even Know It

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Your Network Could Be Under Threat and You Might Not Even Know It

What could be worse for your business than your network being down? Most businesses depend on their networks for a productive and secure future. Security of your network must be your prime concern. The moment you find something suspicious, you must quickly act to solve the potential threat. However, you need to know the threat before you can do something to avert it. Following are some of the telltale signs that while you are going forward with business, as usual, your valuable is fighting a threat.

Frequent Crashes

If you think your network is crashing just because of some incompatibility issues between your software and hardware, think again. It can very well be a malware attack. You need to run a thorough scan of your system with a dependable antivirus program to rule out the possibility of malware.

Takes Forever to Boot

If you notice the systems on your network taking longer than usual to boot and start working, a malware may be behind this. Network slowdown can be a side effect of installing new resource-heavy software or some technical issue. However, if that is not the case your network may very well be under attack.

Suspicious Network Activity

If you find your network recording uncharacteristically high network activity even if most of the systems are not being worked on, you have a reason to be suspicious. First, you need to rule out any concealed uploading or downloading of software or any running update. If you are satisfied on those fronts, try to actively find out where your network traffic is headed. This can give you a clue as to if your network is under attack by a malware or not.

Whenever you find your network behaving in the above-mentioned ways, it may be in need of a thorough check up and potentially malware removal exercise.

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