Features of a Robust Business Security Plan

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Features of a Robust Business Security Plan


What makes a robust security plan essential for your business? There are many security plans offered. But how do you know which one suits you best! A business security plan needs to be able to address certain objectives, including

Business Security Plan

Network Security Policy and Procedures

These policies should ensure your staff is operating and leveraging technology in the safest possible way. Not all your employees should get full access to your business’ system. Passwords should not be shared and they should be changed frequently. If you are allowing personal devices, like laptops and tablets, to be connected to the network, they should be configured to do it safely so that your data is not compromised in any way.

Communications Policy

You should provide thorough guidelines for using the internet resources as well as the company email. This will help with managing security and also legal issues. You should restrict data transfer for sharing or downloading of digital files within and outside the network.

If you want to monitor usage of the internet and communication from your employees over the network, make sure a policy is in place for it as well. Also have clearly outlined policies regarding the installation and use of software not already present on your company’s system should be communicated. If your staff is accessing the internet for personal use, like social media, there needs to be a proper guideline for it as well.

IT Security Assessment

There should be a strict policy for the network or company-owned system or device pertaining to distributing viruses, hacking systems, or engaging in criminal activity. Obviously, all of these must be prohibited with the consequences clearly communicated. You need to perform a security assessment of your network to find and resolve vulnerabilities on your system. Implement a reliable web-filtering solution that blocks inappropriate or potentially malware-ridden websites from being visited.

At the end of the day, it is best to seek professional assistance for securing your company’s network and preventing major and minor problems which can lead to significant repercussions down the road.