What is Ransomware?

What is Ransomware?

What is Ransomware?

Cybercriminals have become smarter, and they have got enough tools to abuse and take advantage of different people through the help of the internet. But seems like Ransomware is their favorite weapon. Ransomware is a type of malicious activity that encrypts folders and files by preventing access to important files. In return, Ransomware tends to extort money from victims usually in form of cryptocurrencies.

Why Ransomware seems to be the most popular choice among all online hackers?

Like many other digital threats, Ransomware is the most common choice, and understood by its name, its malware that allows cyber attackers to demand money in return for any secret document or information. The classification of malware is simple: a program that encrypts files host system and demands money to regain excess of that files in return of money or ransomware.

To make it more serious and dreadful, the extortionist will put a time limit to fulfill their demands by threatening to delete the files and double the amount demanded if the deadline started or passed. Some ransomware cases are assaulted more than others. The motivation of cybercriminals is always financial, but sometimes the motive can also be personal. The easy target for ransomware is to attack people with high liquidity and more capital. This means that businesses or rich people are more likely to be attached to ransomware.

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How is ransomware spread?

The favorite way malware attackers use email phishing or sending deceptive emails is by fooling the recipients and entering into their systems. These emails can come from different kind of senders i.e., government, organizations, lucky draws sender or any other form which can excite the receiver to open that email. The malware is attached to these emails, so the cyber attacker gets excess to the receiver system as soon as the receiver opens the email or link.

The tendency for malware to spread through phishing provides two main reasons that businesses are the easiest target for them to set as Point of access and camouflage

Business users get a lot of emails daily. Clients, employees’ co-workers which make businesses receive a lot of email and employees handling and managing the email on autopilot. So, for example, for an employee of HR to receive an email with hiring material that looks legitimate isn’t something extraordinary. So, cybercriminals use these tactics to send emails to gain excess into their system.

The other reason that is a bigger contributing factor for businesses to get attacked easily assumes: as the business grows, the point of access also grows, and more employees are to be appointed to support the operations. So, as the employees increases, the chances of getting cyber-attack with multiple points of access also increase.

Report any Ransomware demands to the FBI.

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