Improve Employee Collaboration by Using Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Improve Employee Collaboration by Using Microsoft Teams

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a tool added to Office 365 in the year 2016. This is a chat-based tool that believes in collaboration between different teams. This tool provides an opportunity for global, remote and dispersed teams to work together and share information through a common workspace. Microsoft Teams has the features through which you can do one-on-one chat, team chat, and many more other things. It is integrated with Skype, Yammer and other Office 365 services. You can enjoy both public and private conversations with your teams using the option of chat. You can also take advantage of the facility of creating a hub for Microsoft teams. This facility gives you and your other team members to work natively.

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How does Microsoft Teams improve employee collaboration?

  • Microsoft Teams provides a different experience and platform for conversation between teams. The advantage of having a persistent thread of conversation is that every discussion you have within Teams with your team members becomes a useful asset and is saved for the future. You can search this information through Microsoft Graphs if needed to.  You can also have private conversations that are not visible to everyone on your team. Through Team, you also have the facility of using Skype. This Skype integration will help bring better engagements with your team as it brings the facility of having both video and voice conversations. There are also many modern communication tools available that can make conversations more interesting. You can also communicate with cool items like GIFs and emojis.
  • Teams have an amazing feature that gives you a complete picture of your scheduled meetings, their timings, the topics of discussion and information on team members who will be attending these meetings with you. These types of virtual meetings are cost-effective for businesses today and they enhance employee collaboration and availability.
  • Teams allow workgroups and different teams to share their insights and data anywhere within Office 365. There are different works tools present in Team to make sure that work is done efficiently without wasting much time. There are different tools present in Microsoft Teams such as PowerPoint, Excel, Word, and
  • Microsoft Teams is available on both Android and IOS. This application allows you to have a conversation with your team members through text, or a voice call or even a video call. All of these options are great to increase collaboration among
  • Microsoft Teams is open to customization. This tool can be tailored according to the business needs of your organization. You can use Team according to the culture your organization works in.
  • Microsoft Teams stands out when it comes to security and is far better than its competitors in this area. Your data is always encrypted and you are offered with the service that follows all the compliance standards.

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Microsoft Teams, without any doubt, is a wonderful tool of our times that is amazing when it comes to having powerful conversations and collaborations with your team members.

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