5 Best security practices

Security best practice
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5 Best security practices

Security is the main concern for almost every business. In this world, where hackers have become smarter day and day. They have developed new tactics and strategies to hack confidential data and make people pay the ransomware. The following are 5 Best security practices that you should consider for your business.

1.      Install anti-virus and malware software

Anti-virus software will help your business to stay protected from any kind of virus entering your system. Install the latest and updated anti-virus software to get alerts of any virus entering into your system.

Malware software will help your business to stay protected from any kind of malicious activity happening around your system. It will automatically detect the problem and alert you beforehand from any kind of suspicious activity.

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2.      Use a strong password

Having a strong password is the basic security need for any business.  You should use a strong password that comprises of various elements such as uppercase, lower case, Numerical, alphabets, etc.  Using a combination of these tactics will help your business to stay protected.

3.      Keep the systems locked

Usually, most employees leave their system open at the time of lunch breaks or other office spots. Keeping the system open is an invitation to hackers to come and loot the information. It’s advisable to keep the systems locked at the time of leaving or breaks.

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4.      Keep files backup

Backup is your key resource at the time of any downtime or loss of files. All the big companies always keep backup of their files to avoid loss of data in case of any downtime or digital attack. So, it’s always advisable to keep the files backup

5.      Use secure Wifi connections

To complete the 5 Best security practices, we’ll discuss secured wifi. Secured wifi will always keep the company information sound and secure. Most of the wifi networks can detect your browsing history and passwords. A secured wifi network will keep your information protected.

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