How to Improve Remote Staff Communication with Microsoft Teams

Remote Work With Ms Teams
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How to Improve Remote Staff Communication with Microsoft Teams

Communication is the most crucial and important point for all businesses, be it any size. Whether the nature of business is remote or office-based, communication always remains the point of concern for the business heads. With the Coronavirus Outbreak, the workspaces are being shifted online and this can cause disturbed communication among your remote team. With the dozens of emails and online meetings every day, managing the communication flow can be frustrating thus resulting in decreased productivity. Therefore, you need the right tools for your team to avoid the constant back and forth & missed conversation.

The fastest and most efficient solution can be Microsoft Teams, which will be able to cater to all sizes of teams by offering a wonderful package of its own including the conference call, video call, document sharing, and messaging – all in a single app.

One major benefit of using Microsoft Teams is that it’s a free service in your Office 365 package and does not require any additional charges for operating.

Features Microsoft Teams offers to assist remote workers: 

Instant Messaging with a Twist

With the world going at its full speed, why should your business get stuck with emails for every minor task? Microsoft Teams has the perfect feature of instant messaging for your business, which will help you get the messages across the team with no hassle. This has the option of one-on-one and group messaging and allows the teams to prioritize the messages as important so the recipient can receive the reminders every 2 minutes. It does not work like an ordinary messaging app, but it is a full-package remote work solution.

Voice and Video Calls

With instant messaging being the fastest option, it has the most important feature of voice and video calls where teams can gather around and have their important discussions over voice or video call reducing the noisy email clutter. For example, a planned day-start video meeting with the Microsoft team can boost the morale of your remote team.

Schedule Meetings with Staff

Sometimes, your business discussions might be planned, so these features allow you to sync with your Office 365 calendar and schedule virtual meetings at your convenience.

Being Collaborative in real-time:

Now you need to say goodbye to the back-and-forth of work and dozens of emails. With the screen-sharing option, the teams can work together in real-time on the same files and save the hassle of each relevant member having the right to access the work file. Real-time file changes can be a pleasant experience for those suffering from the slowness of emails and will boost their confidence.

Collaborate with clients

With Teams, you can invite a third party, such as a contractor, client, vendor, or any other stakeholder as a Guest over Teams. They have to simply click the link provided to them over email. The link will initiate to install Teams if the recipient doesn’t have it already before directing them to a video call.

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