Comparing Microsoft Teams with Slack; what’s better?

Comparing Microsoft Teams with Slack; what’s better?
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Comparing Microsoft Teams with Slack; what’s better?

Whether you are doing gaming, hosting a party, or running a business team collaboration is one of the most essential parts of it. Without team collaboration, one cannot achieve their desired targets efficiently. It is necessary to build teams association and trust for working together on any project. We are going to look at the two-trending team collaboration service providers, Microsoft Teams, and Slack. We will compare the features of both the tools to have a better idea which one is suitable for us

Basic Features

Both Microsoft Team and Slack are tools that help you to collaborate with people with the convenience of not leaving your comfort zone.

The basic review of both the tools brings forward the quality of both the products that they provide us a platform where an organization’s workforce, content, and tools may be amalgamated to bring out the best results.

Slack was developed by Stewart Butterfield for his personal company, Tiny Speck, for developing a Glitch which is now present as a defunct online game.

Slack and Microsoft provide their user space where they can connect to the people of their organization and those who are outsiders through audio, video, and web conversations. They both provide an option for searchable conversations, file sharing, file storage, and conversation threads.


Microsoft Teams along with the integration with their Office365 apps provides the same with applications such as YouTube, Dropbox, ShareFile, and Google Drive, and many more occupy space on their list.

SLACK has a broader range of more than 1000 apps that can be integrated. Some of the most noticeable are Dropbox, GitHub, Google Drive, Salesforce, which the user can use along with Slack. The apps that are not available for integration can be brought under the umbrella through API which can be shared with others in the community. 10 free integrations are provided in the free plan. There are other paid plans which offer all a larger collection of apps.


Both the rivals provide a free package along with a paid subscription offer.

Microsoft Teams provides the cheapest paid plan in their Office 365 Business Essentials, which is priced $5/user/month (billed annually). Another premium subscription with a larger variety is accessible at $12.50/user/month (also billed annually).

SLACK is slightly pricier than Microsoft teams in their standard version which costs $6.67 user/month (billed annually), but their premium package costs the same as Microsoft teams which is $12.50/user/month (also billed annually).

So those who are opting for slack will have to pay a difference of $1.67 from Microsoft pricing. Although, it isn’t much of an amount to sweat about.


Slack provides a wide range of themes in custom sidebar which can be used, along with customizing your own themes.

Microsoft team lacks this feature and provides a very limited set of themes which include light, dark, and high contrast.

Both of these have their own pros and cons. Slack is easier to download, offers plenty of integration possibilities, and customizing options. Whereas, Microsoft Team provide more storage, unlimited history, screen sharing. However, its downloading is a tiresome process. Slack is open to accommodate personal purposes, and in contrast to it is Microsoft which only caters organizations.

To make the right choice you can download their free versions and give them a trial before opting for their advanced paid packages.

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