Email Spam Protection Matters…Very Much!

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Email Spam Protection Matters…Very Much!

email spamMany small businesses, especially in and around New York City, often choose to ignore a glaringly annoying aspect of technology – email spam. After all, thanks to the evolution of email, our day to day correspondence at all levels have become an absolute breeze. Businesses, in particular, have been able to cut down on communication costs dramatically, not to mention the enormous amount of time which is saved.

But a downside to this development is the fact that there is an absolute deluge of email spam which comes through the same Internet networks which strive to make our lives that much better. And this email spam negatively affects businesses in particular, in so many ways, for instance:

  • Employees often end up spending (read – wasting) their time on going over these emails. Even if some conscientious employees would simply delete or discard or ignore such emails, doing that in itself takes up precious time of the organization. After all, on the organization’s time, employees are doing something which they should not be doing in the first place – whether consciously or not!
  • Spam emails clog bandwidth dramatically. Let’s say your New York City-based small business has a total of 20 employees and on average, there are 10 (on a highly conservative note!!) spam emails coming in per employee each day. So we are looking at 200 spam emails in all in a day for the organization, which in say a month with 22 workdays, adds up to 4400 spam emails for the entire month (again, speaking very conservatively, actual figures could well be that many spam emails for the organization in a day)!! With relatively high Internet bandwidth costs, small businesses simply cannot afford such frivolities. Also, think about the possibility of clogged bandwidth preventing legitimate emails from coming in – and the potential repercussions of that! After all, we ourselves know of boutique design firms in New York City which send and receive designs via email, each of which is simply HUGE in file size! What if those files, those emails were to get blocked, because of spam emails? Would surely be devastating for the business!
  • Many of these spam emails are responsible in one way or the other for bringing in viruses and/or Trojans into the office network, which could, of course, be potentially destructive for the entire business.


All of these reasons taken together (which are by no means exhaustive) clearly point to the fact that when it comes to email spam, the costs – both monetary and non-monetary (or beyond simply directly monetary) are HUGE.

Small businesses, in particular, cannot afford – or choose to ignore them.

Keeping these factors in mind, we at OmniPush have worked really hard to devise means which can secure your email and prevent spams from even entering the network in the first place.

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