Email Spam Protection

Email Spam Protection

Email Spam Protection

Email spam is putting your business at risk

Email spam is not only frustrating but can also be highly dangerous for your company’s security. Email spam refers to junk emails or unsolicited bulk of emails sent to your inbox, especially advertising emails to a recipient or a group. Since the last decade, the use of spam emails has been rapidly growing and it has now turned into the number one security threat faced by businesses all over the world. Spam email makes for about 89% of total emails and can cause companies billions of dollars annually.

In a world where a single malicious email can wreak havoc on your security, email spam protection has become an absolute necessity.

How email spam protection works

Although antivirus technologies have come a long way, Trojan viruses and infected PCs are still the main sources of spam and malicious emails. Email spam protection is an important part of the email management of a company to keep your employee and business data safe from attackers.

If the flow of spam emails is controlled, the productivity of your business will increase. By keeping the spam emails out of your inbox, you can also reduce the costs of unwanted traffic on the servers. Email Spam protection keeps the business networks free of spam messages which can help your network perform better and with improved security.

Why you need email spam protection

Email spam does not only slow down your network but it can also act as a gateway for attackers to get to sensitive information. Most data breaches and security attacks today are caused by employees unknowingly opening malicious emails. However, there are ways to counter this growing problem and one way is through stringent protective measures.

Whether your business is small or large, Email Spam Protection is clearly needed by all businesses. All businesses rely on an efficient email server to fulfill their communication requirements and email spam can considerably muddle inboxes, cause confusions and jeopardize your security if not handled at the right time.

E-mail and Spam Protection is absolutely essential.

About Our Email Spam Protection Services

OmniPush IT Solutions provides Email Spam Protection services across the New York City, and areas such as Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Long Island and Staten Island. Regardless of your location, we will promptly provide you with the email spam protection services that you need.

Our spam protection is geared towards businesses who wish to make their communication channels convenient and stress-free.

Our Custom Solutions for Email Spam Protection Services

Spam-filled inboxes littered with advertisements and useless emails can demotivate and confuse employees. Spam protection is the only answer to protect your business from the many negative outcomes of spam. At OmniPush IT Solutions seek to protect your business with a spam-free email server that boosts productivity.

OmniPush offers computer and tech support across New York City and the Tri-State area. OmniPush’s NYC IT support services provide 24x7x365 management and troubleshooting of your IT systems with top-notch email spam protection for safer ways to interact with each other. With our efficient approach, you’ll sleep better at night knowing your system is safe from malicious emails and your employees are motivated to deliver the best results.

Spam is a danger to your business. Call us today at 1-646-681-4848, and get the email protection you need.

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