8 tech things you need to put on your office move checklist

8 tech things you need to put on your office move checklist
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8 tech things you need to put on your office move checklist

Moving to a new city or a new office isn’t an easy thing to do. It’s a stressful event. Besides finding a new location, handling new people might be a tough job. It’s a lot of work getting your tech moved properly from one spot to the next.

You do have a checklist, don’t you?

You must have your ‘Office Move Checklist.

Internet Connection

 Make sure before moving you have your internet connection fixed there. The Internet at your workplace makes it more competitive and easy to work. It accelerates 24hrs communication, virtually working from anywhere. A good and fast internet connection is a must thing to have at your office, so it’s super important to check for availability as soon as possible before you move to contact your internet service provider and coordinate a move of services.

Phones service

Make sure you have a phone network that works out there, and there will be no difficulty in manage and make phone calls and communicate with your colleagues. Once again, checking availability is very important at your new location. For that cloud-based phone, systems are easy. They will be connected to your internet service move; coordinate your phone service provider before planning your move.


You will have to make sure that your new office will have a cable connection, a network cabling, not the TV type of cables. So that you can keep connected your computers, phones, printers, and other devices to your network, coordinate the cable installer to get licensed cabling for your office before you move.


Safety first, right? Safety is very important more than the ones discussed earlier. There must be an alarm system for the doors and other entry points, some kind of access control. There must be an entry code when you open or close the office. This will take time, so make sure you coordinate the providers earlier for this.


Wi-Fi is a great investment in the business of all kinds. it is the easiest way to collaborate and communicate. It is key to business success and should be considered an essential part of any business. Communicating this need to your cabling installer will help ensure they place network connections in the right spots to adequate Wi-Fi coverage.

Surveillance Cameras

Again it’s a part of security. Many businesses use cameras as a security footprint located either at the main entrance or several other places throughout the office. Doing this before moving in is very important. Your cabling installer may put the cables for the cameras and mount them for you.


Now you must have a Printer of your own or on rent for your office work which you need to take along with you. Make sure you guide your vendor that the printers are moved to the new place safely and not thrown into the back of the truck. Coordinate your vendor to move devices properly,


Though a pretty old thing and very easily forgotten when you move but is necessary to handle this, use eFax services. All you need to do is make sure the Printer/Fax devise is moved to a new location. Otherwise, you will need to coordinate with the installer for moving the fax number when you plan to move.

So any time when you’re planning a move or want to know what it takes, these 8 items should be on your ‘office moving checklist’.

Ensuring that your internet, phones, cabling, access controls, Wi-Fi, surveillance cameras, printers, and fax all get set up at your new location will help make your office go a lot smoother for everyone.

It won’t be easy, but a little planning on your part can make it a successful move. And if you want some help, give us a buzz!