7 Must-Have Office 365 Add-Ons

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7 Must-Have Office 365 Add-Ons

office 365 - OmniPushIt is very important to have the opportunity to customize your account.  The add-ons give you the chance to install exactly what you need, or what you will be using. Wasting our time isn’t exactly what we need and Office 365 is taking care of that through its add-ons and we can present to you some of the must-have ones: – 7 Must-Have Office 365 Add-Ons

  1. Translation function

If you want to have a flourishing company, you will be having partners in different countries, so you have to know an international language such as English, or for making things a lot easier you can have translator add-on. It is great to have this option because you can find more than 50 languages. Even if translation isn`t a daily activity, it can be very useful to have this add-on when you need it. With this function you don`t need other programs, it will save you time because all is automatically, you don`t need to copy the text, put it in the program, check if the translation is ok, identify the meaning of some terms. When you find different possible interpretations of one text, all of them are displayed so you can choose what suits best for you.


  1. Find the perfect time

It is very important that all partners can attend a meeting. With this add-on you will be able to find the perfect time for this. The plug will identify the free time of each of your stuff member in concordance with the rest of the team so you can decide some dates or hours, then ask your employees to vote. They will find the most convenient spare time to set up the meeting.


  1. Grammarly

Available in Word and Outlook, this add-on can be useful when you simply don’t wish your partners to come across some emails that aren’t exactly perfectly written. Even with very good English skills, mistakes can happen and this kind of add-on can save your time of reading an email over and over again to make sure you don’t have grammar mistakes. It provides grammar and spelling checks and even more, plagiarism check and vocabulary suggestions.

Grammarly Download

  1. Microsoft StuffHub

As its title says, this app involves all your stuff. StuffHub can be very helpful for a company that is having a hard time creating an organized schedule for its employees. You can now have a schedule that your employees can see on their phones. They can change swifts there, without having to wait for paperwork and you can be aware of the changes they made.

Your stuff can communicate through this app easily and change useful ideas regarding current projects because StuffHub creates communication spaces for them to use.

Update : Microsoft StaffHub to be retired

  1. Teams

This app can be useful for your team, not only for their work but also for improving the atmosphere of your company. With this app, your employees can share files, ideas about current projects within a chat available. With 2 GB for every user and 10 GB of shared storage they can edit files, add notes and while doing it they socialize and get to know each other better.

The app is available on more than 150 markets and 35 languages being integrated with more than 140 apps and services.

Learn about Microsoft Teams

  1. Boomerang

This is a very useful app when you are in charge with a lot of emails. I can help you send an email later and keep the evidence of emails that don’t receive a reply. You can also set up meetings faster and easier with this add-on with just a single email. All you have to do is schedule a meeting through one email and the receivers can simply agree with the meeting even if they don’t have Boomerang. It works on several devices and platforms as well as other email providers.

  1. Dictate

Here we have one of the Office Intelligent Services. This is not actually an add-on, but a feature available for Office 365 subscribers. Dictate can be very useful if you don’t have enough time to write and edit a text. You just make sure your microphone is on, and go over with your speech naming the punctuation marks where there is needed.

Not all of the add-ons available on Office 365 are listed above, but we tried to select some of them just to make yourself a pretty good idea about what Office 365 is and what it can do for you and your company.

Office 365: Team solutions that work for your business

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