Your employees can unintentionally post great risk to your business

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Your employees can unintentionally post great risk to your business

Security threats don’t come with an invitation or prior notice. The biggest threat to your business is maybe you and your employees. Whether it’s about opening proxy sites, business emails or social media, your employees are retrieving content that can put your business into risk.

Many employees use company-owned devices to open their social media accounts or other private websites. Using company provided devices for personal stuff can lead to a high risk of leaking company confidential information to hackers. Security is the main reason that employees are asked to limit personal use on company-owned computers. Here are some of the ways through which employees are unintentionally putting the company at risk of leaking confidential information.

Accessing private websites

Using social media at work might be common practice for your employees but it possesses a great cyber risk to your business. Whenever employees open any websites at the company’s system, they are at risk of leaking the company’s information. Almost every website today has cookies on their sites which can easily track the information of visitors. Moreover, employees don’t even think before clicking on any “allow notification”, by doing that they give room to hackers to enter their system.

Almost every day 600,000 Facebook accounts are hacked if your employee is using social media sites or any other website from the company’s computer it poses a great risk to your business.

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Own Devices

Usually, employees bring their own devices to the workplace such as mobile, laptop, etc. No doubt, there are numerous benefits of bringing own devices but accessing business emails and other company portal from personal device can lead to the risk of losing the company’s confidential data.

In case you allow employees to work from personal device then you should involve your IT team to monitor and control the data sharing. It will help you to track the cyber threats and save your company data

Data leakage

Downloading a small application or surfing anything on the internet and clicking any random allow button can easily put your data at risk. Employees access so many unsecured websites daily and drop their personal and company information there. This is bigger than what it looks like; your business is at great risk if you don’t keep the track of employee’s activities on their computers

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