Why Single sign-on (SSO) is essential for your business

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Why Single sign-on (SSO) is essential for your business

Remembering the password of different accounts is one of the most hectic and tedious tasks. Though with the advanced systems, your browser automatically saves your password. But in case of loss of your device the entire data is lost which causes the major problem. Single sign-on is an access control process that allows you to use one single user name and password to access multiple apps. In simple words, you just need 1 user name and password to access all your business apps.

How SSO can help your business?

  • SSO allows you to manage your password effectively, you don’t have to remember multiple passwords for your business apps
  • SSO helps to save your time, once you can log in in one app you automatically get a login to other subsequent apps that are Single sign-on enabled
  • SSO helps to manage your users more effectively, once an employee’s leaves office or get terminated you can remove his access from all the account just by one click.
  • SSO allows you an effective reporting and activity log system on what is being accessed and at time. It gives you a central command to track the activities and usage of your employees.


Many international IT firms such as Zoho offer single sign-on options to make their products more user-friendly and tech-savvy. It is an amazing technology that saves a lot of time and energy for the user. It speeds up the process and makes product usage faster.

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