5 Reasons You Need Anti-Virus and Malware Protection

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5 Reasons You Need Anti-Virus and Malware Protection

Anti-Virus and Malware Protection is extremely importantly when it comes to your business

  1. Anti-Virus and Malware ProtectionMost of the time you may not even realize your device has been infected with a virus. It may be difficult to identify an attack or the presence of spyware or other malicious software unless scrutinized by an IT professional. By the time the breach is detected, your data could have been stolen and your device harmed.
  2. Cybercriminals hack into your email or send you malicious links on your email or while you are browsing. When you click them, your computer gets infected with malware or a virus. They generally don’t attack systems that have security measures installed because it is difficult for them.
  3. If there is malware on your device, it can also be a threat to other devices. The attacker will have the chance to go through your personal and business information, and even send the malware to your contacts via email. In some cases, they post a message on your Facebook profile, sharing a link. When your friends click the link, their devices are infected as well.
  4. According to recent reports, more internet and software breaches have been identified. They can affect computers, servers, and mobile devices, resulting in operating hurdles to locked systems, stolen data, and erasure of files. In case your data has been compromised, it could be a big risk to your reputation.
  5. Some antivirus programs protect you from malicious software and sites. They block URLs you visit or that show up in search engines that are known to host malware, or with fraudulent pages. Some of these antivirus products can verify software by providing a vulnerability scan and apply any patches that are missing.

Without a doubt, anti-virus and malware will keep your business safe from many threats out there. Call OmniPush, Inc. at 1-646-681-4848 for more information

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