What will be the critical IT security issues in 2016?

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What will be the critical IT security issues in 2016?

Small businesses are more susceptible to cyber crimes due to their lax focus on IT security. Their focus on IT must expand to include varied levels of cybersecurity requirements as well. In this article, we look at what trends are likely to dominate the 2016 cybersecurity market.

    1. Mobile wallets are not safe: Since a digital wallet is typically connected to multiple apps, it can uncover a sizeable treasure confidential data. As online payments evolve to include sophisticated payment nodes, attackers will increase their efforts in hacking them.


    1. Outdated software will be a major target: According to Websense, several top-1000 Alexa websites have been reported to have certificate issues to older hashing schemes such as SHA-1. Also, end of IT support for Windows XP and reused code with undetected vulnerabilities continue to be primary concerns for organizations in 2016. These issues will find high priority among IT support organizations.


    1. General top-level domains are hard to secure: 2016 will see the rise of phishing attacks from general top-level domains (such as .apple, .computer, .Macintosh) trying to lure unsuspecting users into revealing financial details. It will take some time before cybersecurity agencies can prepare their systems against this new landscape as these domains are still untraced by defenders.


    1. Hackers will flock to US presidential elections: Politically motivated “hacktivism” will be on the rise in run-up to the US Presidential Elections in November. These attacks could range from spreading false news via media websites to hacking candidates email and social media accounts.


  1. Cyber insurance norms will evolve: In 2016, we will see highly sophisticated measures being employed by insurance companies to keep a check before granting cover or processing the claim. Web-sense predicts that auditors may be sent to verify cybersecurity systems at all levels. This could mark a major shift in the attitude of companies toward their cybersecurity policies.

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