What is Microsoft Teams?

what is Microsoft teams?
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What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft teams: a new way to collaborate with teams and future

During this pandemic, regular meeting isn’t possible and safe. So, the Microsoft team is a new way to bring people, content, and conversation together along with various tools that the team needs. It makes the team to easily collaborate and be more productive.

Nowadays organizations are very reluctant to conduct regular meetings. Also, it gets difficult for organizations to bring people from different branches together. So, Microsoft teams have opened the digital era to make work visible, accessible, and integrated across the team.

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Teamwork hub for Office 365

Microsoft team keep everyone in one place and allow easy and smooth communication. You can easily call, chat, and conduct meetings with your team. You can also form small conversations and private groups. By using skype, you can join and schedule an online meeting and with audio conferencing and video options. You can also share files, application, attachments in online meetings along with recording the meetings.

Finest integration

Microsoft team offers the finest integration which means you can get access to every tool you need in Office 365. You can easily manage different files, conversations on one platform. Microsoft team brings the full features of office 365 to provide a network of various tools at one platform; Excel, PowerPoint, Word, one-note, SharePoint, Planner, Power BI, and Delve are system defaulted in Microsoft team. So, people have all the tools and information at their fingerprints.

Tailor Teams to suit you

You can customize your Microsoft team workspace to explore data, include key cloud services, and get regular updates from the team every day. Microsoft has heavily invested to customize its workspace and make sure every business customizes it accordingly.

  • Create customize channels according to your topics and workstream
  • Pin frequently used websites and files for easy reference
  • Add bots that work on behalf of your team
  • Make custom integration with your existing business process through the Teams developer platform

Enterprise-level security

Microsoft teams are very well integrated with similar office applications and are built up from secure cloud and office 365 global. It provides compliance and management features with enterprise-level security. The management features include support for compliance standards, chat, files, eDiscovery, and legal hold for channels. Microsoft team encrypts all the data and involves multi-factor authentication to improve security and protection.

Microsoft teams provide a modern conversation experience that supports both persistent and threaded chats. Skype is so well integrated that teams can participate in video and voice conferences. Everyone can also customize their workspace and include different options such as stickers, emojis, GIFs, and custom memes.

Office 365 is uniquely designed for every group and includes purpose-built integrated applications

  • Share point provides content management solutions and intranets to more than 190 million people and 200,000 organizations.
  • Yammer is the work-related social network platform, that enables a cross-company discussion to more than 85% of companies of fortune 500
  • Skype for business provides video conferencing, real-time voice, and conducts more than 100 million meetings in a month.
  • Office 365 group is a cross-application service that provides an easy transformation from another tool to another tool

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