What is an IT assessment, and why do you need it?

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What is an IT assessment, and why do you need it?

omnipush-IT-assessmentAn IT system is complex and comprises of many various operations. To check the performance of IT systems, a team of specialists is brought onboard to measure the performance of IT systems. We, at OmniPush IT Solutions, provide a very easy and straight forward assessment process to help you better understand your tech systems.


How does it work?

 1) The audit

We conduct a detailed 360-degree audit of your tech environment with on sites and off-sites assessment to measure the performance of your tech systems. We have a team of experts with almost 15+ years of experience with highly advanced technological tools to provide the real picture of your tech systems.


2) The deliverable

 After conducting the detailed audit, we create a comprehensive assessment deliverable. The deliverable comprises scores of different areas based on the current evaluation of your tech systems. It also includes recommendations by our experts on what areas to improve on.


3) The discussion

 We conduct very productive discussions with our clients and provide great insights and findings on the current status of tech systems. Our discussion includes a brief of the results, question answers sessions, recommendations, and closing.



 “Prevention is better than cure.” It is better to check regularly that all your systems are running well. It allows gives you an insight as to which IT system is contributing more to your business and which is not. You also need an IT assessment if you are facing the following problems.

  •  You have a lot of virus in your system
  • You are getting a lot of email attacks
  • You are getting system shutdown constantly, and your IT team is unable to fix it.
  • You aren’t satisfied with your current IT provider
  • Your internet and applications are working very slow causing a lot of time
  • You want to expand and make sure that your IT is up to date

 Key benefits of IT assessment

  •  Gives you current status and performance of your IT systems
  • Gives you an idea of what areas need improvement
  • It empowers you to make better decisions


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