Understanding the Dark Web and what it means for Business.

Understanding the Dark Web and what it means for Business
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Understanding the Dark Web and what it means for Business.

What is the Dark Web?

On one hand, it is the World Wide Web and on another, there is lesser-known the Dark Web. It is presumed that everyone using the dark web has a wrong intention but this is not always true. It is an unknown fact that the World Wide Web and Dark Web are quite similar. Dark Web is a set of unexplored data. The main factor that differentiates the Dark Web from the World Wide Web is the societies using each medium.

Dark Web is a place of isolation. It is often perceived that only criminals access the Dark web. Well, it isn’t the case. There are four Dark Webs present at the moment. The biggest network is the Tor network, which was designed by the naval research laboratory in the United States. Tor wasn’t created for an illicit purpose but to keep the anonymity of people using it. Three more darknets go with the names of, I2P, Zeronet, and Freenet.

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Who Uses the Dark Web?

It is very important to understand the main users of the Dark Web to make sure that your controls placed on security do not create a hindrance for different users to access information that can enhance your productivity. Many people use Dark Web for different purposes. People who live in countries that have strict censorship policies use Dark Web to get to the information that otherwise will be impossible to reach.

Dark Web is also used by users who want to leak some important or sensitive information and then publish it later. Then there are many users on the Dark web that just need to remain anonymous and do not want anyone to track them. Many reputable companies find and use previous unindexed data using Dark Web and then later use it for their purpose.

Should Businesses Be Worried Of Using Dark Web?

Many Hacking groups offer their services and expertise over different platforms on Dark Web. It is very easy to employ a hacker from Dark Web websites. However, the dark web will still have potentially destructive consequences for businesses. A business organization’s firewall keeps its systems safe from external hacks from other web avenues but these avenues do not include Dark Web. It is very hard to protect your business network dark web’s dark and unfamiliar environment.

However, the outgoing information is tracked which then prevents hacks from the Dark Web. A company network should be able to track down this outgoing data and should consider it suspicious. This will help create a barrier to prevent the information from leaving the company’s network.

The Dark Web has information that is not available on the traditional World Wide Web. Only some of the available content on the Dark Web is legal, while the majority of it is illicit and immoral. Corporate heads of your organization should understand and have knowledge of what happens in the world of the dark web so that they can protect their own company networks.