Top 4 reasons for slow internet At Your Office

Slow internet

Top 4 reasons for slow internet At Your Office

Having slow internet is very irritating but more than that it slows the work process and drains productivity. If you are also having a slow internet at your office here are some of the probable reasons behind it.

You are not using speed you are paying for

There may be several reasons for having slow internet at your office but one of the reasons might be to not use the speed you are paying for. The best way to find is to check the contract with your service provider and do some internet speed test to find what speed you are getting and what you are paying for.

Old equipment

Is your office using an old router designed for personal use? This may be the reason because an old router isn’t able to communicate the bandwidth that you are paying for. If you haven’t upgraded your equipment for a few years, then it’s time to contact your ISP for the right router that doesn’t bottleneck your internet.

Other router-related issues

If you have just got the new router and facing less than stellar speed, there might be a problem with router configuration. Electrical devices and wireless interference may be the reason for slowing down your internet. Routers should be placed in a central location as possible to check if there is an internet problem just because of people being away from it.

Insufficient bandwidth

Your office might not be getting the bandwidth that you originally expected you would need. This is one of the most common reasons for slow internet issues at workplaces. If your business has grown since the last time you’re bought the internet service then its time you upgrade the internet server,