Taking Cloud Security Seriously

Taking Cloud Security Seriously
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Taking Cloud Security Seriously

Companies have critical data which is essential for their professional growth and profit generation capability. In case of any loss, the company might lose its customer, financial asset, or worse, its reputation. Organizations take refuge in moving to the cloud, but that is not immune to data loss or malfunctioning either.

There are still a lot of risk factors a company should be ready to endure if they ignore the security measure for their cloud portal.  Here we discuss potential dangers to a company when declining safety and how serious the matter of security can become.

Shared Service Risks

Cloud supports mutual networking. Organizations use the channel all the time for sending and receiving resources. It is user-friendly, quick, and cost-effective. But this infrastructure that enables sharing puts certain things at risk. One of them is the security protocols. It is kind of a contagious danger that can start a chain reaction of malware or any other bug that can harm data. The damage occurs on a larger scale due to the free accessibility from unit to unit.

Threats to the Browser

In previous eras, hackers had the ability to hit endpoint operating systems and transform them into portals for different cloud servers. But that are old stories. New hacking methods have been developed for far more dangerous attacks. Now hackers focus on web-oriented threats instead.

They penetrate browsers and then get access through the cloud servers. Once they enter the portal, cybercriminals steal everything from emails and social media to cloud accounts to get access to valuable data. Once they have the power, they can even blackmail companies for exposing the data in public which is of course disastrous.

User Negligence

Human error again is something we can minimize but cannot completely erase. People using the cloud sometimes become the risk themselves. Often, employees in a company do not care much about secured channels. If a person clicks on a random email link, and the link is not secured there is a huge chance of malware attack within the cloud system.

In Case of Lost or Breached Data

When an individual accidentally loses an encryption key on the cloud, it makes the data irreversible many times. That is what we call data loss. Breaching data is somewhat similar, however, the only difference is of intention. When there is malicious intent from an individual’s side to access data, the loss is no more a mistake. These are kinds of hidden hackers, sometimes within the company which causes infinite damage.


Cloud is indeed an attractive portal that increases the chances of scalability and productivity. It is indeed one of the most popular online portals for businesses. But the security concerns ruins the matters of data safety, which is the most valuable asset a company has. Therefore, better IT support systems with effective safety precautions are needed to keep a check. Taking cloud security seriously is not an option, it has become a dire need.