How to Make Your Business Hacker-Proof

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How to Make Your Business Hacker-Proof

hacker-proof you business

Here are some tips to make your business safe from the prying eyes of hackers. Making your business Hacker-proof

Secure Your Business with Passwords

This is one of the most important and simpler tips as the importance of password security cannot be denied. Don’t have the same password for all accounts because you are just making it easier for hackers because they can crack open all accounts. Make sure to use the recommended requirement of passwords, like using numbers and symbols. Also, remember to change passwords frequently.

Use a password generator to help you hacker-proof your passwords.

Secure Your Wi-Fi

Apart from securing your Wi-Fi network by adding a strong password, put extra measures in place to ensure no unauthorized party can access your network. For example, an outsider’s portable devices could be infected with malicious software, which could affect your data when they use your Wi-Fi. So, it may be a good idea and to not make your Wi-Fi accessible to outsiders.

Secure Your Social Media Accounts

If your company has social media accounts, keep up with the privacy policies and security settings on Facebook and Twitter or any other account you have. Keep yourself up to date with all the new policy changes or security settings that will make it difficult for hackers to breach your company’s security. There are apps available which send you automatic warnings before the hacker could potentially break into a business account. Use these apps if you are maintaining a strong online presence.

Never use personal information such as child’s birthday, name as part of your social media passwords

Monitoring Staff

Train your employees on basic IT education. Employees should know not to open suspicious emails and suspicious links. It seems simple enough but hackers are getting more sophisticated and continue to hack into your system because they are able to fool people. It is not uncommon for people within your company trying to hack into your data systems to steal information so don’t trust everyone within your company with passwords and unmonitored access.

Some old employees may also try to sell company information so you need to perform background checks on your new hires and keep an eye on them. Allow them limited access to your systems according to their needs.

As soon as an employee leaves or fired, disable or change their password immediately.

While you can implement these measures on your own, it is better to seek professional help to enhance the security of your company’s IT network and make it hacker-proof.

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