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    Legal IT Support & Services for Law Firms

    The Legal Industry is a world where mistakes are not acceptable; it is a world where clients’ privacy is a top priority, and they should be kept safely and securely. Strict regulations dictate how records need to be kept, and Law Firms in New York and Dallas rely on Onetech360’s expertise to use technology to achieve these and other goals.

    Does your law firm require the necessary IT Support to function fully? According to a 2017 Tech Survey by the American Bar Association, 60 percent of law firms budget for IT infrastructure. Are the equipment’s in your law firm optimized to fulfill the budget? We’re able to help! Onetech360 recognizes the special IT obstacles experienced by law firms, with over a decade of experience helping others in the legal sector. For law firms engaged in application optimization and handling IT solutions, we offer IT services. Onetech360 allows you to avoid focusing on the urgent legal problems you face every day.

    Common Issues Law Firms face that we can solveIT support Law Firms

     Risk Management Tools.
     Practice management software
    Timestamping, tracking, and call accounting.
     Billing and accounting.
     Dictation and call recording.
     Conflict checking.
     Filing and case management.


    Providing IT Support to various Legal Clients Across the Nation

    How we help Law Firms

    Onetech360 knows that for lawyers, each minute counts. Our legal IT support systems help with any technical challenges you encounter in minutes so that you can concentrate on the topic at hand.

    Protection and Security Of Your clients Data

    Law firms face an unprecedented number of data flaws today. With several IT services for law firms, Onetech360  is highly adept at helping lawyers protect customer records. Your organization, as an attorney, has the ability to take you around the world. At Onetech360, we ensure that your records are available within seconds while you are on the go.

    Access To Data

    Your organization, as an attorney, has the ability to take you around the world. At Onetech360, we ensure that your records are available within seconds while you are on the go.

    We Support Law Firms At Any Conditions

    In order to help lawyers, accountants, CPAs, accounting agencies, and bookkeeping practitioners optimize their technology, Onetech360 has offices around the world. We have unmatched technological consultancy, network support, and other IT services for law firms of all sizes. Our mission is to relieve you of the IT support hassle, so you can focus on running your business. Onetech360  delivers different legal company infrastructure assistance types, ranging from help desk services to migrations to Office 365 and other IT ventures.

    Assisting For The Best Strategies Towards Business

    Onetech360 is adept at assisting lawyers in understanding best practices throughout the company to protect sensitive customer data. To integrate new data security into your organization’s legal technology, we have the experience and hands-on implementing skills. Around the same time, we will help you create a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) that represents the whole company’s needs and obligations. Our law IT services identify areas where there is likely to be a breakdown in your systems – putting the systems in place to prevent or fix any altering situations — before they become troublesome.

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    Top Rated Legal IT Support and IT Services provider

    Onetech360 is a full-service Information Technology management firm with offices in New York, Pennsylvania, and Dallas. Our founders have been providing quality Law Firm IT support and IT Solutions nationwide for over 20 years. We have a proven and tested process that allows us to quickly onboard and start supporting our clients; First, we take time to understand your business requirements thoroughly. We assess your current IT solution and determine what’s missing and how the gaps must be filled. Once we understand your technology well, we’ll implement best-in-class technology and maintain it to meet your business goals.

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