Five fun tech requests that our IT guys receive everyday

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Five fun tech requests that our IT guys receive everyday

The life of an IT support person is very exciting and adventurous. They get to solve almost new problems every single day such as troubleshooting, repairing computers, fixing slow internet issues, etc. In the end, it’s all about helping people and solving their problems. The following are some fun requests that every IT person faces on a daily basis.

  1. My internet isn’t working

This is the most common problem which you all have experienced once in a life. Usually, when the internet doesn’t work, you believe the internet is down but, in most cases, it’s not true. Our IT guys know very well when the internet is down because we monitor customer internet connection. To solve the issue, the IT guy must go through a number of troubles shooting steps to understand the problem and solve it.

  1. I don’t remember my password

Forgetting a password is very common though there are multiple systems to remember it. People still forget their password and request us to reset it. Our IT person easily reset the password and keep the password secret from us.

  1. My computer is very slow

A Computer can get slow because of many reasons such as lack of memory, too open applications, viruses, corrupt windows, etc. An IT guy has to completely analyze the problem and provide the solution accordingly.

  1. I can’t get my print

Printers have gotten a lot better and faster, yet, many people find it challenging to get them to work sometimes. Does the IT person have to first check if the printer working, Are there papers in the printer? After this, he has to go through troubles shooting process to find the solution to the problem.

  1. I can’t receive my emails

Receiving emails completely depend on the hardware device, where emails are being accessed. Once the IT guys find the problem, he has to go through the email service provider, your email app, and the device you are accessing emails on to solve the problem.

These are top tech issues that we face every day, and solve them immediately to help our clients. Are you facing the same trouble? Contact us at 1.646.681.4848