Why Businesses Should Take Ransomware Seriously

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Why Businesses Should Take Ransomware Seriously

Ransomware has become a serious concern among businesses worldwide. With more and more attacks occurring each day, costing billions of dollars to the corporate industry, this threat is on rising and evolving quickly. The surge in growth of Ransomware can easily be attributed to how easily such tools are now available online that require little to no technical knowledge and can easily harm others in exchange for monetary gains.

The malware has become a means of extortion that encrypts your personal files and important information. It is typically delivered through email as an attachment, where once it is opened it affects the entire system and encrypts the information once the locking mechanism is deployed in your system.

When it come to businesses, attackers are more likely to receive the extortion money, as the data that is held captive is usually sensitive and vital for the continuity of the business. This promotes and encourages the attacker’s activity as they get more and more sophisticated with their attacks in an attempt to overcome security measures that are deployed by a business to counteract these intrusions. Last year the government of Madison County, Indiana paid a ransom to retrieve their data.

It is important to know that amidst the massive financial losses, Ransomware causes damage to your business reputation and credibility and compromises with the integrity and confidentiality of your data which is far more vital for many businesses compared to other financial losses. Thus, it becomes pivotal for any organization to invest in and implement a security system that frequently counteracts such intrusive attacks on a real-time basis such as e-mail spam filter and regular backups

Along with such measures, it is imperative that you raise general awareness among your employees to safeguard the business interests by ensuring they remain alerted and exercised skepticism in the event they are exposed to attacks. In the end, prevention is the best security strategy for any business. With the recent increase in attacks, it cannot be emphasized enough that the threat of Ransomware should be taken seriously by every business, regardless of their size and structure.

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