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Finance Accounting IT support Services

Our Financial IT consultants have a clear understanding
of the finance world; and will work hard to protect company data.

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     IT Support Consulting for Accounting and Financial firms

    We recognize today’s technical demands and problems facing the accounting/financial industry and are here to assist you and your organization to succeed. Onetech360 is here to support the organization with any IT-related accounting issues.

    Count on Onetech360 keep your finance and accounting business compliant

    For a company and its clients, a single breach, no matter how unintended, may have significant consequences. It is more critical now than ever to ensure that an efficient IT accounting solution is in place for your company.

    Onetech360 acknowledges the heightened attention these government legislations entail and has years of experience helping its financial and accounting customers identify and enforce the best practices for reporting and securing confidential consumer data in the sector. We already provide hundreds of accounting companies with financial IT support and will guarantee you that data protection can become an integral part of your company easily. Our IT support programs in finance and accounting help companies plan for the unexpected.

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    IT Security Assessment

    Business Continuity plan for accounting and financial firms

    What would you do if a broken water pipe were to destroy your office computers? Or whether an entire customer account has been maliciously removed by an ex-employee? There are plenty of scenarios that can affect business but getting a strong strategy in place to deal with unforeseen technical disasters can ensure that the disturbance is only temporary.

    Onetech360 helps accounting and finance companies build crisis management and business continuity strategies through specialist IT advisory services. The specific expectations and obligations of each region within the organization are considered by our solutions. To find areas of both strength and vulnerability, we will conduct an IT audit of the existing IT systems and processes. Your clients count on you, and you can count on us to help keep the IT accounting program running seamlessly, regardless of the situation, all the time.

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