Is It Better To Work From Home Or Office?

Work From Home Or Office
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Is It Better To Work From Home Or Office?

It is a dream that your couch is your office chair, your commute is just the length of your hallway, and your pantry is stocked up with your favorite snacks. Well, it is the reality we all are facing nowadays amidst the coronavirus.  Working from home or office has been a debate since the advent of the internet and the world becoming a global village. Advancement in communication and technology has made it possible to do your existing duties from your home.

However, you need to be aware of the pros and cons while deciding which model you want to prefer for your near future.

Work from Home


  1. Total Independency

You are your boss at home and have the utmost independence to do work at your ease. But time management and self-discipline are something to learn on the way.

  1. More productivity

As you don’t commute, nor chitchat with your colleagues, your efficiency increases.

  1. Better social life

You are now more available to attend your social affairs, catch up on friends and spend more time with your family


Working from home causes laziness, loss of track of time, forgetting to clock in your hours, and you feel not to be part of the loop, and become socially loner over time.

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Work from Office


The benefits of working from office lie in the fact that you develop terrific time management skills. Working in a professional environment hones your behavioral and people skills. Your understanding of your company grows and starts to connect on a personal level. Lastly, you are visible to the job market while at the office and your network grows.


You need long hours of a commute if you live far away from the office, experience health issues at work, get caught up in unprofessional conduct and office politics, and drive down productivity by your colleagues getting on your nerves.

Now you have all the information to decide which model to choose.

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