Business value of a backup disaster recovery plan

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Business value of a backup disaster recovery plan

A backup and disaster recovery plan is something that every company should have. Whether you are in the Fortune 500 or just starting your business, you need to start having that conversation with your IT team, immediately. The pain and stress that comes from losing valuable company data does not need to be experienced; especially when the technology to properly backed-up your data is readily available.

As an organization, losing company data will automatically mean loss of revenue and unfortunately some companies have actually closed their doors due to loss of data. There are rules and strict guidelines when you decide to have a Back-up Disaster Recovery (BDR) plan in place for your company.

Here’s something to think about. How much is it worth to you if one day you walk in the office to discover you can not access your financial statements ; your computer has crashed and can not be accessed? Can you put a value on such a situation?

Even data that exists on external devices, should be part of your BDR (Back-up Disaster Recovery). I once worked in an office where an Executive Director couldn’t access an external hard drive; the pressure of the situation caused her to threaten to fire the IT department. The team thought they had a trick or two to recover the hard drive but weren’t successful. In the end, the CTO had to send the hard drive to a company that specializes in the data recovery. A week later and hundreds of dollars in the hole, barely anything was recovered.

Having a BDR (Back-up Disaster Recovery) will help eliminate such stressful situations. What we are doing is preparing for a storm before it hits.

At OmniPush IT Solutions, we help our customers take preventative measures to save them time and money – this is at the core of our business and the foundation of our mission. We are the kind of guys that walk around with an umbrella in our bags because never want to get caught in the rain without it.

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