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What is block hour IT support?

OmniPush also offers Block Hour discounts for clients looking for more traditional contracts.

Proper maintenance and monitoring should not be neglected because it offers the best protection against preventable failures and potential security flaws. Our Amplitude Managed Services Platform provides the most comprehensive set of monitoring, maintenance, and support, but some clients prefer a more traditional contract approach. Our Flexible Maintenance Plan allows you to pre-purchase blocks of time that can be used to maintain and manage existing systems and to ensure they are performing at optimum levels. It also offers the flexibility to react to emergencies or to create your own maintenance schedule.

The Flexible Maintenance time may be used at any time during standard business hours and has no required monthly usage or limit. Since the plan is based on a minimum prepaid purchase, we can offer the service at a discounted rate.

What is included in our block hour IT support?

These are some of the services that can be performed using the Flexible Maintenance Plan:

* System Administration – adds/changes/updates users, security privileges, file access, etc.
* Troubleshooting system related problems
* Application training (one-on-one) and assistance
* Performance monitoring – servers & workstations
* Backup/Restore Tests – verify the backups are complete by performing test restores
* Monitor bandwidth usage & performance (internal & external)
* Security Checks – review logs, test access & authenticate policies
* Check for latest Virus Definition Updates
* Upgrade software – operating system service packages, application upgrades, etc.
* Test Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) operation and battery life
* General equipment inspection and inventory
* Data storage analysis/clean-up – check hard drive capacities, e-mail stores, local drive usage
* Monitor file storage procedures
* Check backup parts and supplies
* Coordinate and assist with warranty repairs
* Update system configuration documentation
* Backup critical workstation configurations
* Mentor users on system operations

Details – Flexible Maintenance services can be purchased in blocks of 12 hours and up. The discount applied to the standard rate is based on the number of hours purchased. There is a 2-hour minimum for any on-site visit regardless of the service performed; remote services will be tracked in 15-minute increments. The number of hours used remotely or on-site will be deducted from the total hours purchased until the agreement is fully executed. The block must be used within two years of purchase. Please note the discounted rate is based on the multi-hour prepaid commitment. If the agreement is breached, the time already executed on the agreement will be recalculated at regular Time & Materials rates, and you will be responsible for the difference.

Emergency Support – Emergency support services may be applied to this agreement; however, materials will be billed separately. Our Flexible Maintenance contract holders are guaranteed 4-hour response time during standard business hours. Please realize resolution to these issues may take longer and are contingent on accessibility to specific hardware, software, and 3rd party support.

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