VoIP Service

Business VoIP Service: Cut the Cords and Cost!

Seamless telephone communication is a key component of business success as it helps you deliver award-winning support and cater to incoming calls from your clients with ease. You can’t simply rely on your 20th-century telephony infrastructure services to compete and cope with modern day communication challenges. Can you?

A low quality and disruptive communication system can become a great barrier between you and your customers. Users of the old phone systems can experience poor connectivity and disruptions.  The old phone systems are also costly and lack scalability.

To lower your phone bills, increase business outreach and deliver excellent customer experience each and every time, switch to our business VoIP phones. We can streamline your phone service over the cloud and help you go mobile, scale your telephone system to match communication demands while cutting your telephone bill in half- save thousands of dollars on long distance calling

Our VoIP Service phone system is feature-rich. Some of the many features we provide include:

  • Call recording
  • Conference calling
  • Desk-to-desk calling
  • Unified voice and fax messaging
  • Voicemail transcription
  • Music on hold
  • Automated phone attendants and more

You can enjoy all these features when you switch from legacy phone systems to our hosted phone system.  With our hosted VoIP service you can offer round the clock support to your customers. And stay connected with your clients, staff and team members while on the go.

Contact us at info@onetech360.com or reach out by phone at 1-844-666-4787 to learn more about our Business VoIP Phones


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