G Suite by Google

G Suite by Google

G Suite by Google Cloud | G Suite for Business‎

Google Apps is an entire set of several Google products that can be independently customized for your business with a unique domain name. Applications within the entire suite of offerings on Google Apps include email (Gmail for Business), Google Docs (office suite), Google Calendar, enterprise-wide deployment of Google Talk (Google’s chat application), Google Sites as well as Google Groups among others.

Who needs Google Apps? 
Google Apps for Business can work for any Businesses whether small or big – yours included. That is largely because it makes communication and collaboration between business members remarkably easy and effective. No more back and forth emailing of documents, presentations or spreadsheets for reviews and revisions; the same file can be looked at in real time at its solitary location by all users working on it, which ensures that things happen that much faster and more efficiently.

Therefore, we would strongly suggest that if yours is a business where communication and collaboration is pivotal – which is true for pretty much all businesses today, Google Apps would certainly be ideal for you.

Why Google Apps? 
Google Apps helps you save time and money, a lot of it. Productivity is enhanced incrementally which your business can use to grow incrementally. That is the reason small businesses in particular stand to gain a lot from Google Apps deployment. In fact, at Omnipush, we have been instrumental in setting up Google Apps for Business, for a very wide range of enterprises, all across New York City.

Look big, stay nimble

Being small doesn’t mean you can’t seem big. Apps features like custom email addresses (@your_company.com) help you make the right impression. Add third-party apps from our Apps Marketplace and you can function like a larger company, even with limited resources.

Work from anywhere, with anyone

No matter where you are – at the office, at home, or on the road – you can access Apps using any computer, tablet or mobile phone. Share and collaborate on documents in real-time even when you’re away from your team.

Simple to use, easy on the wallet

You don’t have to be a tech expert to use and manage Google Apps. It’s simple and intuitive with no hardware or software required. And you get the entire product suite for just $5/month for each person on your account.

Free up time for the things that matter

Whether you need to meet with a customer or pick up groceries, Apps helps you save time by simplifying tasks you do every day. Get a head start on tasks like invoicing and budget planning by adapting templates from the Google Docs template gallery.

What’s included:

  • 25GB inbox storage per user – No more deleting email to free up space
  • Online document storage for files of any type – Unlimited storage for supported formats and 1GB for all others
  • Interoperability with Microsoft® Outlook – Two-way sync for your email, calendar, and contacts
  • Mobile access – Sync with Android, iPhone, and Blackberry and other popular devices
  • Industry-leading spam filtering – Spam and virus protection and email content filtering
  • Customer support – 24/7 email and phone support
  • 100% web-based – No software, hardware, or maintenance needed

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