CIO Services

CIO Services


What is a CIO?

Your IT infrastructure is incomplete without a strong force overseeing the operations and leading it to success. That’s exactly the job of a Chief Information Officer. To put it more formally, a Chief Information Officer remotely oversees all the technology related needs or requirements of an organization.

In large corporate set-ups, CIO or CTO is a high-profile position filled in by the most experienced and polished executives. These individuals come with top-notch qualifications and very robust experience in the technological realm and obviously cost a fortune to hire and retain.

Small to medium-sized businesses might have trouble finding such a dedicated and experienced individual within their budget. Some businesses do not even require a full-time CIO for their operations to run smoothly. These businesses might not rely on IT 24/7 so hiring a highly expensive individual can be an ineffective investment. Here is where our CIO services can really make a difference. We provide businesses with the opportunity to benefit from the expertise of strong leadership in the form of expert CIO’s without investing a fortune.

OmniPush – fill strong leadership roles with CIO services

OmniPush caters to every small business in and around NYC which would like to keep itself up to date with the latest technology trends without spending a fortune. By having a virtual CIO on board who can identify the technology-related needs of your unique business, your IT department can have a strong leader to guide it to success.

We understand some businesses have vastly limited technological requirements with regard to updates on social network sites such as Facebook or Twitter. Clearly, hiring a full-time CIO for these companies would be a wasted effort. Instead, virtual CIO services would provide them with a need-based leadership model that they can use effectively to avoid the extravagant costs of hiring a full-time CIO.

Why you need a virtual CIO

  • Fill a strong leadership role to guide IT in the right direction
  • Save up on costs of hiring a full-time CIO (Especially it’s not needed!)
  • Enjoy a need-based model of services that is flexible and cost-effective
  • Build a sound IT infrastructure
  • Benefit from the expertise of our top-notch CIO’s to lead your business to success

Role of the CIO

  • Technology Assessment– Thoroughly assess your overall IT process and configuration policies and suggest the most effective changes that will promote a secure and cost-effective network.
  • Proactive Planning– IT planning is at the core of your infrastructure, you need to be able to determine the followings Budgets, Staffing, Business Continuity Planning, Disaster recovery processes.
  • Efficient Designing– Cost effective and secure network and IT strategy design.
  • Effective Leadership – Strong IT leadership for a smoothly running IT environment.
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Other services we offer

  • Managed Services
  • Cloud Service
  • Support HelpDesk
  • Email/Spam Prevention
  • Hosting Services
  • On-site & Remote IT Service & Support
  • Vendor Management Services
  • Hardware as a Service
  • Data Backup & Recovery
  • Security
  • VOIP
  • Managed Print
  • NIST Compliance
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Security Services
  • Virtualization
  • Network Security
  • Business Continuity
  • Cybersecurity
  • NOC Support

What to expect from our on demand IT services?

24/7 IT support, available 365 days a year at an affordable fixed monthly cost
IT issues resolved quickly, within just minutes
Cost-effective IT support and IT services

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